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About Us

Who is Progress and What Makes Progress Unique?

Progress Industries is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides services and support for people with physical and intellectual disabilities in central Iowa to realize dreams and exercise real choices about where they live, work and socialize. Progress Industries offers a wide range of comprehensive services for people with disabilities and other life challenges. By providing a continuum of quality services and community education, we tackle issues and barriers facing people with disabilities.

Our service model focuses on the abilities of individuals and approaches service delivery as a partnership, respecting the needs and desires of each individual. This person-centered approach allows us to support and respect the people we serve, as well as to foster their independence.


Progress Industries prides itself on the long-term dedication, experience and knowledge of its leadership team.

Sandy Ham, President, CEO and Assistant Secretary  sandy.ham@progressindustries.org

Teresa Wermager, Director - Human Resources teresa.wermager@progressindustries.org

Mark Cahill, Chief Financial Officer mark.cahill@progressindustries.org

Melissa Butler, Communications Director  melissa.butler@progressindustries.org









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